Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Risk analysing"

Intro: Kaspersky creates viruses first and then anti-viruses.(Actually, nobody knows that the person who creats antiviruses, creats viruses first. And they are the main hackers)

The main problem of companies and organizations is that THREAT can impact an information resource. Good defend helps organizations to work properly.

Risk is the probability or chance that a threat will impact an information resource.

Risk management
it is the way of seeking methods to reduse the risk of impact of treats.(It`s like trying to identify, to control, to put for safe level the Threat and so on).There are two things in this definition that may need some clarification. First, the process of risk management is an ongoing process. It must be repeated indefinitely. The business environment is constantly changing and new threats aviable every day. Second, the choice of controls used to manage risks must strike a balance between productivity, cost, and effectiveness.

Risk analysis is process where organization put the value for each thing which is protecting. Also, we can call it put as categorazing of prioritets of protection level.
Based on this analysation organization considers how to mitigate(to expiate or to make more softer) the risk.

Risk mitigation It is when organization takes strong action against the risk
And it has 2 functions:
  1. Using controls to prevent threats from outside
  2. While developing do not give a chance for the threat
There are 3 things that organization may adopt:
  • Risk acceptance. (Organizations should not ignore defending system. Updating and so on...)
  • Risk limitation. Limit the risk by configuring controls of protection (Ex:Firewall...)
  • Risk transference. Example is purchasing insurance(Copy of your information on other devices like harddisk)
After all, let`s look when control is not cost effective... It is when the cost of defending system is more higher than the value of things being protected. (Ex)

Difficulties of protecting information resources:
  • There hudreds of threats exist
  • A lot of criminals, who was caugt go unpunished
  • The cost of defending sysytem is very high
Intro about CONTROLS
There are many ways of protection. The strongest one is to join with the FBI (NIPC)
It`s designed to protect nation`s infrastructures such as energy, transportation, finance and many other things. But it costs so much! For small companies it`s going to be just not cost-effective.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Assignment No IV


-cybersquatting is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. It generally refers to the practice of buying up domain names that use the names of existing businesses with the intent to sell the names for a profit to those businesses.

A)Find at least ONE website that you find as cybersquatting site.



B) Three Books from Law, Human Science and Technology

The Strong arm of the law, armed and public order policing, P.A. J. Waddington
ISBN 0198273592
Call No HV8195A3W118

Human Science
The Lockean theory of rights by Simmons, A. John, 1950

ISBN 0691086303
Call No JC153L87S592L

Analysis Of Today's Telecommunications Systems, IBM vs Competitors
ISBN 0927695472
Call No HD9696C64A532

C) Bro Mohd Asmady Zakaria blog

1) First of all i saw prayer times) That means his is religios person and he wants other to see it and to go pray at thetime) Well done)
2) It`s well designed. Evethough I`ve visited this site for the first time, i liked main menu links...They really help person to see all pleasents of that site)
3) And it shows online persons...So, we can communicate with each other...Well done)

Name the URL for Kulliyah of ICT.

E) Go to CFS IIUM Library, find 10 books that categorized under Red spot collections

  • (Our math book) Applied Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences
  • Glencoe physics Principles and Problems
  • A short history of secularism
  • Calculus K.G. Binmore
  • Sociological biology : for A-level and intermediate students in Africa
  • The Internet (7th edition)
  • Introduction to Information Systems (2nd edition)
  • Information Systems Workbook
  • Game theory and economic modelling
  • Economic decisions under inflation


Monday, December 15, 2008

Porter's five forces model

Porter's five forces model is a simple business strategy development developed by Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979. This strategy determines the competitive intensity and the attractiveness of the market. It is a powerful tool for understanding where the power lies in business. This is useful because you can know both your current competitive position and the strength of the position that you are looking to move into. So you can take advantage of the situation of strength, improve a situation a weakness, and avoid taking wrong steps. There are five important forces that determine the competitive power in a situation. These are:

(1) The threat of the entry of new competitors
(2) The bargaining power of suppliers
(3) The b
argaining power of customers
(4) The threat of substitute products of services
(5) The rivalry among existing firms in the industry

So, let`s see...
There are so many brands in the world. Enyone wants to survive, more than this he wants to dominate! Somebody cheats, somebody tries to be honor. Of course, our life like that)
I want to compare and contrast cars. Russian brand car with name "LADA" and german brand "BMW". So, lets` see what they have. Of course supplier power: BMW has a lot of promotions, like giving free audiosystem BOSE or smth else... But Russian cars do not have it.
What else... also BMW is cool and prestige brand for many years, so people trust this company and they try to buy this car, than to buy car from LADA with 10 years history only...
BMW is smart company. It already has a lot of money and tr
ying to get more and more...For example few yaers ago BMW bough all british company "MINI". Before that MINI company was also great company, but when BMW bought it MINI becomes more better. It means BMW with it`s prestige showed that and MINI can becomes better when it`s under BMW. But if we will look for LADA, they have anything like this. That`s why it stops.
When there are a lot of companies in car industry, BMW tries to survive. This company is doing anything to "kill" others like few years ago BMW created the first jeep "X5"
I think it was bestseller! But LADA even do not have his own jeep, what is very sad for me...
As a conclusion, i wanna say that any company can becomes like dominating company...It needs just useful knowledge and time

Thank you!)

Children of Heaven

Iran - 1997
Directed by Majid Majidi

Winner of the Montreal World Film Festival Grand Prix of the Americas Award and the Air Canada People's Award, CHILDREN OF HEAVEN is a sensitive, memorable film

There are a lot of movies in the world. So, first of all I want to suggest you to watch this movie, even it`s not so colorful and has not so many effects) Actually this looks like a real movie, something like documantary movie. It`s like a discribing the live of poor people at the east part of the continent. Maybe director of this movie did not record this film because of money, maybe he just wanted to open people`s souls. He wants us to feel everything, that children and all people are feeling in such a poor country. But anyway, eventhough the director did not mind about "grammy", he take it in 1998! Do you know why? Maybe the director of this wonderfull movie was born at this country and wants to show us this citizen`s poor life also...Who knows?)

In short i wanna discribe you this movie:

There was one poor family. I thnk it was in Irak. So, as this was poor family, there were 2 children Ali and her sister.Once upon a time Ali takes his little sister Zahra's shoes to the shoemaker to repaire, but lost it somewhere after this. The siblings decided to keep that as a secret from their parents, knowing that there is no money to buy a new shoes. After that ali decide to take a part in running competition to get new shoes for her lovely sister. Than he won the first place, but he was dissapointed and sad because her sister does not need the first place present, whisc was sport set... She just needs shoes... But Ali didn`t know that at this time his father already went ti buy o her sister a new shoes)))

So, this is such a so hearttouching story...I think that when women will see that movie they can cry...and some men also...

Why our madam choose this movie? Perhaps, she wanted to show us, how other people lived in the past. Even nowadays, some people are living in a such (bad) situation... So, i hope all my classmates will think intellegently and will thanks GOD, that HE gave us an opportunity to live in perfect situation, like nowadays)))

Thank you)

(Edited 9 February 2009 3:30PM)

Why information system is important?

There are a lot of people all over the world. How do we communicate with each others? With language... So, how do you think, when people speak, what they are doing? They also share with information with others...) So, what I want to say is that information is very important for humans life nowadays. The needed of this kind of information increase rapidly because of the force of the technology that make people able to manage and complete their task easily...
  • To influence others
  • To find ideas to invent an idea
  • Reduces uncertainty
  • to have information treated as a commodity

Information system is using by people without counting on the age and job... There are alot of examples: 50 years old Lawer reads clever big book aboutx rules in government or anythink else...And a little child which looking for pictures in the book... They are the same in one thing, they are trying to get some information.

Also, one example more. I am student from Russia and I`m studying here in CFS. When I came here I used system information like, booking online TAXI from airport and buying the ticket. Also I`m using information system to study well. To live good and to surviveI need scolarship from my sponsor, it means that I also use information system like checking bank account, my ballance and so on...

To know the last knews from my counrty or about world I use information system. It makes our life so easy! Information system nowadays give a big impact in human life to perform a better work for better lifestyle!

Also, one more thing: why it is important? Because GOD said us to seek for the knowledge. Who doesn`t do this he gets HARAM. Information system helps us to get more knowledge ===> means, to be more near to PARADISE, InsyaALLAH!) here we go...

(EDITED 9 february 2009 3:30PM)